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July 25, 2007

Deeply felt

About a month ago, I wrote an entry about “Felt,” the second movement of the sax concerto, and I provided a link to the PDF of the short score, which I’d just finished. (Here’s the PDF I talked about, in case you don’t feel like clicking back to that old entry.)

I’ve orchestrated about 30 pages of the short score so far, and thought I’d provide a link to a PDF of the newly-orchestrated version of the same excerpt I posted last month. Here’s the PDF of the orchestrated version. It isn’t formatted well, so it’s pretty ugly at this stage, but you’ll get the idea. If any of the consortium members look at the excerpt, I hope they think it looks expensive.

And, just so you have something non-musical-related to look at, here’s an HDR image I made a few months ago, taken from the front deck. Blue is pretty.
HDR water

And, hell, here’s one more.
HDR water

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