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January 9, 2008

Central Oklahoma

Tomorrow, I fly to Oklahoma City to work with the Central Oklahoma honor band on a (once) new piece called “Clocking.” The premiere was supposed to have been last January, but the entire concert was canceled after I arrived because of a major ice storm. My flight out of Oklahoma City was also canceled, but I was driven to Dallas to catch my connecting flight home. Within five minutes of take-off, the plane was struck by lightning. I wrote about the whole experience here.

Needless to say, I hope the return trip goes a little better.


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  1. At 2:11 pm on January 10, 2008
    Joshua Says:

    Hi there! I’m actually in the CODA Wind Ensemble this year and I’m really looking forward to premiering your piece! I play the Bb clarinet, but I’m hoping you wrote an Eb part! It will be quite the honor. I’m sure your experience this year in Norman will go much better. Best of luck and enjoy the city!

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  3. At 5:35 pm on January 12, 2008
    Catherine Says:

    “Clocking” was really awesome. I was in the ninth grade CODA and I heard the Wind Ensemble play it. It was great and I hope we get to have you in Oklahoma in the future!

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  5. At 2:03 pm on March 1, 2008
    Aaron Says:

    Would happen to have a recording of Clocking to put on your site? I’ve been really excited to hear it. 🙂

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