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September 2, 2013

Symphony for Band – an update, with audio

For several months, I’ve been writing a symphony for band for the University of Texas. The world premiere will be at the Texas Music Educators Convention in February. Two movements are done (as of today). I don’t expect to post any other full demo recordings prior to the premiere, but I’m a little too excited about this one, so…

Here’s movement three — the scherzo. The title is “The attentions of souls.” You can download the full score here. The audio – created with the Vienna Symphonic Library (including their prepared piano library – yes, there’s piano, prepared with chains, in the piece) – is below.

It starts slow. It doesn’t stay there.


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  1. At 5:58 pm on September 2, 2013
    Andy Mast Says:

    Bravo – very cool. I can’t wait to hear/study/rehearse/perform the piece down the road. Good luck with the remainder of the piece!

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  3. At 8:46 pm on September 2, 2013
    Cheryl Floyd Says:

    The beginning makes me think of Ursala from “The Little Mermaid” collecting souls over and over…can’t wait to hear the premiere…I’m certain it will have that distinct Mackey touch!

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  5. At 9:00 pm on September 2, 2013
    Chris Gleason Says:

    Fantastic! So many wonderful timbres. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the work. Congratulations!

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  7. At 11:56 pm on September 2, 2013
    Thomas Jeffries Says:

    Very cool. I’m especially a fan of the Phantom of the Opera-like synth chords and the contrast between the sparsity of some parts and the glorious dense sound of others.
    I’ve been a fan of yours since I played first horn on Aurora Awakes and heard you speak with the Massachusetts All State concert band this year. Thanks, and keep it coming!

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  9. At 10:51 pm on September 3, 2013
    Tim Gleason Says:

    Really enjoyed listening to this movement! I look forward to hearing the other movements. Great stuff.

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  11. At 10:48 am on October 23, 2013
    cb Says:

    Effing brilliant! I loved the clip of UT playing it too! Can’t wait to buy a recording.

    P.S. This is exactly the type of music I would write if I was adept at writing music at all…

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