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March 1, 2009

Das Radio

I taped an interview with composer (and radio host) Dan Welcher a few weeks ago, and that interview will air tonight at 8pm CST on Austin’s classical radio station, KMFA. Dan’s show, Knowing the Score, features the music of not-dead composers, and it’s always a good listen. Even if you aren’t in Austin but you’d like to hear the show, you can listen online, as KMFA streams their broadcasts live.


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  1. At 6:55 pm on March 1, 2009
    Charles Cates Says:

    Really nice program tonight. I enjoyed your pieces and hope to hear some played locally here in Austin. Also enjoyed the food pics; I’m unemployed and can’t afford Jeffrey’s.
    Welcome to Austin!

  2. 2
  3. At 7:02 pm on March 1, 2009
    Fosco! Says:

    That was fun! You have an excellent radio voice, actually–very clear and enthusiastic.

    Funny–I always imagined you sounded like Geddy Lee from Rush. This will take some adjusting…

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