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April 6, 2011

Interior Design Photography

Recently, I posted a blog entry with loads of pictures of the inside of our house in Austin.  Those pictures were for our real estate listing and brochure, and they looked great.  Our realtor, though — who is wonderful — wanted to get more specialized pictures of the interior for use by her firm in future advertising, etc.  So, even though we already had perfectly good pictures, she brought in Paul Finkel, one of the best interior design photographers in Austin.  The results are pretty incredible.  He was at the house for over three hours, and most of these were shot with the lamps turned off, and with minimal light at all.  I kept wondering how the pictures wouldn’t be dark, but as you’ll see, they’re extremely bright, and the colors are spot-on and vivid.  He shot everything with prime tilt-shift Canon lenses.

Here’s my studio:

The living room, looking into the foyer. (AEJ made that massive painting.)

The living room, looking towards the dining room.

A slightly different view, capturing things like the “critter sculpture” on the dining table, and the “angry bunny” under the glass globe.

Yet another. I just love the way he framed this one.

Speaking of framing, this is great. This is the master bedroom. That headboard is custom, made per AEJ’s specifications by a local upholstery firm.

Another shot of the master.

This is the guest bath, which really isn’t so special, but check out how he framed it, managing to capture the shower curtain perfectly in the mirror. Also, the way the color of the hand soap really pops against the otherwise black, white, and gray room, is really striking.

Yes, our kitchen really is just about this white. It’s hard to make them out, but that bowl on the island is holding custom mints labeled with our address. (That was AEJ’s idea, and I think we’re going to start seeing realtors all over Austin use the same trick.)

This one is fun just because of the way the blue pops. (Can you tell that AEJ likes white, black, and blue?)

And another.

Here’s a detail of the crazy custom glass backsplash.

This one shows the other wall, with the second oven, the integrated fridge, and the built-in espresso/coffee machine. I am so going to miss that coffee machine…

The laundry room. Nothing fancy, but bright, and shot well.

The family room, with the shiny speakers.

Another shot, showing the chandelier and the re-framed and re-clad fireplace. This was shot with the lights barely on.

And another angle. As you can see, AEJ likes fluffy things.

And lastly, here’s the foyer, with AEJ’s custom-designed 48″-wide front door, her painting, and a sweet ceiling light. I love this shot.

It’s pretty amazing what a professional architectural photographer can do. Note that with all of the wide-angle shots, there is no distortion on the edges, thanks to his skill with the tilt-shift lenses. Everything was shot fully-manual. This guy is incredible.


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  1. At 3:33 pm on April 6, 2011
    David Blumberg Says:

    Architectural Digest great.

  2. 2
  3. At 3:36 pm on April 6, 2011
    Chris L Says:

    You know, not to get religious here, but when I look at these photos, I can’t help but wonder, if Jesus had a modern day house…

  4. 3
  5. At 6:48 pm on April 6, 2011
    Serena Says:

    I call dibs on the book shelves in your study.

  6. 4
  7. At 2:45 am on April 7, 2011
    RMC Says:

    Really great shots John – looks fantastic!

  8. 5
  9. At 1:13 pm on April 16, 2011
    Nicolas Farmer Says:

    I like the way the blue pops out… its kinda fun!

  10. 6
  11. At 5:27 pm on April 20, 2011
    Andrew Orlowicz Says:

    I think you’re the only composer I’ve seen who’s studio doesn’t look like a tangled mess of wires and hardware.

  12. 7
  13. At 2:23 pm on April 23, 2011
    Peter J Felice Says:

    Beautiful house, Mr. Mackey! Love the ‘white’ theming…..its very nice.

  14. 8
  15. At 10:59 pm on April 28, 2011
    Kyle Roderick Says:

  16. 9
  17. At 8:54 am on November 13, 2014
    Catherine Crandall Says:

    This is a great blog. The interior design is so wonderful and elegant. I really like the living room design, the chair and tables are wonderful and the Chinese figures add to the design and the chimney.

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