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April 28, 2009

Kitchen remodel – update 1

This was our kitchen this morning:

And this is the kitchen right now:

This morning:


This morning:


So far, so good. They opened up a wall that has our master bath shower on the other side, and there was no water damage. (It’s the original shower, so I didn’t know what to expect.) The best thing so far: there’s already a gas line EXACTLY where we need one. Why the previous owners replaced a gas kitchen with a friggin’ electric cooktop is beyond me. Damn fools!

Next up, they’re taking out the partial wall that goes between the family room and the kitchen. Now the real dust begins…

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  1. At 2:29 pm on April 28, 2009
    Mark S. Says:

    Some one stole one of the chandilier shades…you need compensation 🙂

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