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November 18, 2006

Scary, scary win

To my tremendous relief, Ohio State hung on to beat Michigan today, 42-39, to earn a spot in the B.C.S. National Championship. The game was awfully tense — so much so that when it was over, there was more a sense of relief than a sense of excitement.

The Ohio State – Michigan rivalry runs deep. Having grown up in Columbus, I’ll always be a Buckeye fan.

Just before the game, in an effort to talk trash to a Michigan fan, I sent a text message to H. Robert Reynolds, who served as Director of Bands at the University of Michigan for 26 years. I texted (yes, Bob Reynolds, over the age of 70, not only receives, but sends text messages — how cool is that?!) : “It’s Mackey, about to watch The Big Game. I just have to say — Go Buckeyes!”

H. Bob’s retort, a few minutes later: “I am never playing your music ever again.”

Now I need to pack. I’m flying to Knoxville, Tennessee tomorrow for a performance at the University of Tennessee. I’m looking forward to it. I’m not even dreading the flight, thanks to a brand new prescription for Xanax. Go Drugs!


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  1. At 9:10 pm on November 19, 2006
    Kirsten Reynolds Says:

    John!! Seriously I can’t believe you posted that! Michigan couldn’t even pull though on my birthday 🙁 Sad day even here in Chicago. Also, I take full credit for my dad’s ability to text message and support him in his choice not to play your music ever again after that terrible comment! I will be in attendance of some of your music being played in Ann Arbor for the CBDNA conference in Ann Arbor. Hope all is going well!


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  3. At 5:50 am on November 20, 2006
    Jake Wallace Says:

    Heyy John,

    Going to make Puckett fill his end of your Midwest bet? 🙂

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  5. At 8:42 am on November 20, 2006
    joel Says:

    I’ve just stopped crying. Crable is off my Christmas card list for that helmet to helmet hit.

    Oh, and I will be avoiding you at Mid West for fear that you will actually make me wear OSU paraphernalia. Good luck finding me!

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  7. At 12:44 pm on November 20, 2006
    R Says:

    Man, that game was too intense. Thank God the Buckeyes pulled it off. Counting down the days till January 8th.


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